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Exquisite coffee for
passionate consumers

Indulge yourself with the authentic taste of Jezabel coffee.

The beginning

Our passion for coffee is what drives us. With more than 15 years of experience in coffee processing, recipe creation and quality assurance testing, we’ve been able to build a durable brand name.

We pride ourselves with being consistent throughout the years in delivering only the best possible products to our clients.

Our offer

You’ll find that each of our products has a perfectly balanced aroma, as we roast only the freshest coffee beans according to our time-proven recipes. We offer a wide array of products to aid your business (be it for HoReCa, Vending or coffee stores) with complete solutions for house-hold usage or large offices.

Our  4 distinct coffee brands (Crema, Gusto, Suave, Pasion) come both in normal coffee packaging, as well as pods (for espresso machines).  Apart from these, you’ll find that Jezabel also offers a wide selection of tea assortments along with the accompanying accessories.

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Our clients

Dedication, enthusiasm and self-improvement – these are the core values that guide us in managing our business. Our goal is to forge successful partnerships based on trust, reliability and professionalism. We aim to develop advantages and benefits that will lead to fulfilling all the expectations and needs of our stakeholders.

Our company works in a business-to-business regime and offers not only the finite product to our clients but the whole experience behind and around it, ensuring that each cup of Jezabel coffee always tastes as exquisite as we intended.