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Cafea boabe Jezabel Crema boabe de cafea
Jezabel Crema

Especially created for coffee vending machines, Jezabel Crema is a potent mixture of cream and flavor, with just a hint of dark chocolate.

Type: Robusta
Origin: oriental plantations
Caracteristici: remarkable body, creaminess
Flavors: intense flavor, excellent body, aroma with hints of roasted grain and dark chocolate
Cafea boabe Jezabel Gusto Boabe de cafea
Jezabel Gusto

Jezabel Gusto offers a perfectly balanced taste of espresso, with a strong and alluring aroma. It’s sweet and refined taste are certain to delight the senses of even the most demanding customers.

Type: Robusta & Arabica
Origin: (50%) Arabic from South and Central America and (50%) Robust from Indian and Oriental plantation
Caracteristici: remarkable body, creamy
Flavors: roasted nuts, dried fruit
Cafea boabe Jezabel Suave boabe de cafea
Jezabel Suave

Tailored made for the HoReCa distribution network, Jezabel Suave differentiates itself through its vibrant flavor and its subtle hints of roasted nuts and caramel.

Type: "Cafeterie" (hight content of Arabian)
Origin: (75%) Arabic from Africa, Central and Southern America and (25%) Robust from Indian Plantations
Caracteristici: exclusive
Flavors: caramel and roasted nuts; vibrant and persistent taste. The fruit acidity of this mixture give it very distinctive hints ranging from cocoa to dried apricot.
Cafea boabe Jezabel Pasion boabe de cafea
Jezabel Pasion

Jezabel Pasion offers an unique selection of Arabica coffee from Africa, Central America and South America. It has an intense aroma and a strong, empowering perfume.

Type: Arabica
Origin: Central and Southern America, African plantations
Caracteristici: noble, refined, perfumed
Flavors: Fruity taste of grapes and dried strawberries; a strong and intense perfume of anise and cardamon.